Today's featured baker is Terri, whose rich chocolate fudge brownies with pecans and white chocolate chunks really stood out to us! Deep chocolate flavors always pair well with nuts. 


Super tall and bursting with color, this Spring in Bloom cake is nothing short of stunning.  You can find out how Elizabeth made this piece of food art by visiting her blog Sugar Hero. When you cut into the cake you'll discover lemon curd and raspberry jam. In other words, this delicious cake epitomizes spring! Elizabeth used the Russian Piping Tips to get those flowers looking as perfect as they do. You can use these tips to top anything you make, but naturally they look...


hol_fox's baking explodes with color. Lemons, cherries, pineapples, watermelons and more - these treats pop! You can browse her Instagram account and get inspired by all the ways she uses color to enhance her baking. 


Coffee and Baileys have always gone hand in hand, and these Bailey's Brownie Truffle Sandwich Cookies by Tessa Huff are no exception. Fudgey, almost brownie-like cookies with flakey sea salt filled with espresso ganache and Baileys cream frosting, these cookies are sure to impress. You can find the recipe to make these for yourself here


Valentine's Day might be over, but the love can still last with these chocolate heart-shaped cookies made by the talented Chantel


You know the adage: "baking is a science."

Any minor changes in a recipe — too much flour, over-mixing egg whites — can make the difference between perfect French macarons and cracked, unleavened shells.

For the world’s most respected bakers, however, it’s really an art.

Beyond technique, conquering the realm of pastry-making requires a hefty dose of imagination and a pinch of enthusiasm.

But for most, studying the underlying chemical reactions at play and knowing the roles of each ingredient...


1. There really is no need to buy the following ingredients:

Powdered sugar: Simply blend cane sugar into mixer and, tada! you’ve got yourself fresh confectioner’s sugar. Useful to know since it tends to be more expensive than regular cane sugar.

Almond flour: Same process, this time using whole almonds or almond slivers. You can, of course, do this with every kind of nut you can think of.

Marzipan: As long as you have almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites, and optionally, almond extract or...