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Single Serve Tiramisu (no bake)
Recipe by Meredith Hay
Caffeinated Concoctions
Today's easy and delicious dessert comes to you in the form of a no-bake single serve mason jar. Before we begin, my absolute FAVORITE coffee to cook with is actually a strong ground espresso - it's found in pretty much every grocery store too! Cafe Bustelo Ground Espresso. You can't miss it. A giant bright yellow tin with black and red labeling. Also true in the flavor it packs when used with desserts! If you’re brave enough, you might even like the taste of it in a shot of espresso or a dirt chai! For this dessert you need minimal ingredients and time. Just allow adequate time for the completed desserts to chill before serving - that way the cheese sets and the flavor melds. And I must note, traditional tiramisu has a small amount of cognac in the marscapone cheese mix, but I did not have any on hand. Therefore, just used vanilla extract in it's place. 

  1. Brew coffee, set aside to allow it to cool
  2. Cut 12 lady fingers in half, set pieces aside
  3. Using a hand mixer, whip together the marscapone cheese, vanilla, sugar, and 1 tbsp of coffee until smooth
  4. Pour coffee in shallow cereal bowl or small saucer and lighting dip each lady finger on each side into the coffee. 
  5. To assemble, from the bottom up:
  6. Place 3 pieces of lady fingers across the bottom
  7. Ladle in a few spoonfuls of the cheese mixture and repeat with another layer of 3 lady fingers and top with cheese mixture
  8. Dust the tops, using a sifter, with cocoa powder
  9. Secure with lids and chill for at least one hour before eating!
  • Brewed/chilled Cafe Bustelo Espresso x 1 cup
  • Lady fingers, pre-made, found in your grocery store bakery section cut in half (so you have 24 pieces) x 12
  • Package of marscapone cheese, softened x 1
  • Vanilla extract x 1 teaspoon
  • Granulated sugar x 1/4 cup
  • Cocoa powder for dusting x 1
  • Small mason jars x 4

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